Being also a member of the Elecnor Deimos Group DEIMOS Space has a relevant and applicable background and recognised experience in Galileo and GNSS Technology in general, and in the signal processing techniques and navigation algorithms in particular. DEIMOS Space has also solid experience in GNSS and EO data processing applications, software integration and a strong motivation towards Technology Transfer related to commercial applications and services derived from the space sector, including GNSS.

Since its creation, DEIMOS Space has been involved in programmes with ESA in areas such as mission analysis, systems engineering, operational and on-board software, space debris, or ground segment. In navigation, DEIMOS has participated in the ESA Galileo predevelopment activities, the Galileo Phase C0 (Ground Mission Segment and Test User segment), the Galileo Phase CDE (Raw Data Generator, Message Generation Facility, Mission Support Facility and Test User Segment), or in GJU projects related with GNSS receivers and applications (GARDA, GR-POSTER, GIRASOLE, GRAIL, AGILE), leading technology activities on signal acquisition, multipath mitigation, multi-system integrity, and navigation algorithms and applications.

In the frame of the GARDA project for GJU, lead by Alcatel Alenia Space Italy, DEIMOS Space developed the GRANADA simulator, which was commercialised around the world under a distribution agreement with the GSA.

In 2008, the first European private satellite, DEIMOS-1, was launched and is being used for Earth Obsevation missions. Nowadays, DEIMOS Space is also involved in most of the GNSS Evolution programme projects, including the Future Satellite Navigation Systems Architectures (FSNSA), Multi-constellation Regional System (MRS), and C-BAND for GNSS.