Gamma Remote Sensing

GAMMA Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG (GAMMA) is a Swiss corporation (Aktiengesellschaft - AG). It was founded in January 1995 and is located in Gümligen, near Bern, Switzerland. Research and development, processing and adding value to remote sensing data, license sales for its commercial processing software, and Earth Observation data distribution are GAMMA's primary business elements. GAMMA is well integrated in the remote sensing research community and offers commercial services and software licenses. The key personnel of GAMMA have extensive experience in scientific research, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and interferometric signal processing, active and passive microwave remote sensing techniques, theoretical and empirical modeling, and application development. GAMMA's competence encompasses technical aspects such as SAR processing, interferometry, differential interferometry, geocoding, and mosaicing as well as fully integrated product generation from EO-data. Typical products are digital elevation models, geophysical displacement maps, land use products as forest and crop maps, and hazard maps. GAMMA is involved in research projects with the European Space Agency and the European Community, as well as National Projects, and cooperates with partners at universities, public institutes and private companies.