MundoGEO Publishing was created in 1998 with the mission of being the convergence point of the geomatics commnuity and location services, trading experiences, professional updating and business generation. To achieve this objective, it produces and spreads relevant information and knowledge for professionals that work as producers, users and enthusiasts.


MundoGEO Portal is leader in audience in Latin America, and it is also one of the five most visited sites in the world in the geomatic area. The portal has one differential feature: it publishes content in three languages – Portuguese, English and Spanish. MundoGEO intends to connect many national communities that produce and use geoinformation. It has more than 120,000 unique visitors per month and 40,000 professionals subscribed from almost 100 countries. The portal has many channels of content, such as daily news, exclusive articles, blogs, forum, podcast, companies' guide, events, courses and online bookstore, and also InfoGEO and InfoGNSS Geomática magazines in online version.
MundoGEO, in partnership with three international institutions, since 2006, participates in creating and maintaining the Galileo Information Centre for Latin America (, European Navigation Satellite System.