Max-Planck Gesellschaft

The Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry (MPI-BGC) is a research institute of the German Max-Planck Society (MAX), founded in 1997. Its research mission is the investigation of the global biogeochemical cycles and their interaction with the climate system. The institute combines strong observational expertise (soil carbon, vegetation
structure, vegetation-atmosphere fluxes etc.) with global scale modeling (e.g. global carbon cycle). The MPI-BGC is one of the pivotal European biogeochemical cycle research institutions, and as such is coordinating the EU-funded CARBOEUROPE-IP project. The Institute is strongly involved in the EU-funded NITROEUROPE, CARBOAFRICA and CIRCE-IP projects and coordinates EU funded FP7 project CARBO-Extreme. MPI-BGC currently hosts the European scientific office of CarboEurope and has proven skills in co-ordination of international projects. MPI-BGC regularly advised policy makers and has frequent contacts with media and the broad public.